BOOKSHELF - D. Richo: How to be an Adult in Faith and Spirituality

"A healthy adult will not want to miss out on any of the sources of wisdom in the library of human experience." (5)

"Our longing cannot guarantee the reality of a kingdom of love, but our behavior can help it happen." (26)

"An adult faith is an unconditional yes to the givens of life with a commitment attached to each one:

Here on earth all is impermanent, but we are nonetheless passionately committed to the predicaments in the human venture and the thriving of the natural world.

Our plans may go awry, but synchronicity keeps happening, surprising combinations of choice and chance that bring meaning to life events and confirm that our life is about growth through unexpected circumstances and transitions.

Things are not fair here on earth, but we can fight for justice and we will prevail in some way although not always immediately.

Suffering is part of life, but we do have to cause suffering. We do not have to stay in situations that cause us suffering. We can grow in character and compassion when we bear suffering that cannot be avoided.

People are not always loving but we can commit ourselves to love, which is how God is love in this moment of time."

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