Thursday dedicated to arts

The day graciously started with the long-wished visit to Ateneum, Helsinki's Art Museum. Its collections is not that huge (as Louvre e.g.), but it has Hugo Simberg's Wounded Angel that I really would have liked to see!

Other Finnish paintings were remarkable, too, I wish I had the time one day to study them more!

To "finnish" off the day with Anikó we went to the Helsinki to see the new production of Aida. Unfortunately I am not a musician expert to give a proper feedback, but IMHO the opera was fantastic, I enjoyed it immensely. First half from the 3rd balcony, second half from the first row (as the dark photo shows). I also met another Erasmus teacher there, who also decided to take the first row. She was a musician lady from Slovenia.

Verdi's Aida was deeply powerful and emotional, I am still under its spell...

 opera kritika

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